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Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Server (VPS) – is a ready-to-use solution which works and operates similar to a dedicated server, being more reliable, scalable and dimensioned to meet your specific needs. More than that, it gives you the opportunity to make a radical change in howyour company implements and budgets computing and storage resources.
Check what we're working on:

  • Ready to use virtual servers, with preinstalled operating systems and standard applications
  • Business class flexible technology which gives user control
  • Virtual platform with a completely redundant architecture which eliminates downtime
  • Several levels of servers separation using industry-recognized technologies


The Private Virtual Servers we are going to launch will be used as unique single applications or complex business architectures such as:

  • Facilitate the Extranet solution to better manage the network of external partners
  • Facilitating scalable computing infrastructure to host professional websites
  • Hosting collaborative server applications for partner groups
  • Software development and testing environments
  • Sharing rich media content
  • Backup infrastructure to allow recovery plans
Why Choose Us