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Ethernet Line

Ethernet Line is a service that allows you to create point-to-point or point-to-multipoint connectivity between LANs, servers and storage media in order to secure data transfers at advantageous costs.


Ethernet Private Line (EPL):
  • Easily manage your data protocols and create your own VLANs
  • The EPL provides high transparency on the data protocol
  • Manage multiple virtual connections on the same port for different business applications.

Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL):
  • Based on +VLA (802.1Q) ports it provides limited transparancey of the protocol
  • Easily manageable it offers the possibility of multiplexing services (point-to-multipoint) for the end-user

Leased Line

Leased Line is a secure, reliable and robust service which works on traditional digital circuits which serves for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint communication. This service provides dedicated capacity, transparency, synchronous duplex, with constant and secure latency, and is suitable for real-time data and voice communications for high-priority business applications. It can be used with the serial interface or Ethernet, being a protocol independent service that can support voice digital data (IP and Ethernet) and video applications.

Topologies of data transmission that can be implemented for crucial applications:
  • Solutions with low and constant latency
  • Intensive applications for bandwidth consumption
  • Time sensitive services for financial transactions
  • Real-time transmissions for business applications
  • Site-to-site disaster recovery plans
  • Continuous synchronization of databases
  • PBX interconnection
Why Choose Us
Why Choose Us


Any-to-any data communication between local networks (LAN) and other computerized systems, using a secure and private network (WAN)

The implementation is made using IP/MPLS network

Completely managed and supervised by RELINFO in backbone network and also along the entire end-user access line to the customer interface (CPE) through which the service is delivered to the customer.


With IP VPN, your company can implement an extended network topology with flexible bandwidth options and a complete data communication system that responds to operational challenges such as:
  • IP communication within the company between a large number of centers located in different locations
  • Considerably simplified network management due to the outsourcing routing management and value-added smart service
  • Create a flexible network to support business development in new markets
  • Creating multimedia networks for unified communication and collaboration
  • Mobile access to company applications through a Remote Access Server