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Access solution for symmetric band Internet, completely managed and supervised by RELINFO on the entire IP network and the whole access line up to Ethenet interface of the equipment at the customer's location

It can be provide trough different types of access circuits, like SHDSL, professional radio connections – point-to-point or point-to-multipoint – or optical fiber

Premium solution for internet access with high speed Internet connectivity – simetrical, unparalleled and guaranteed, with performance parameters guaranteed by SLA.


The Internet service is an ideal solution for cutomers that are looking for a professional Internet access service with high speed, fully manage, which can provide:
  • Improving company activities through quick access to information available on the Internet
  • Uninterrupted access to cloud applications
  • Real time access to market information
  • A better online experience for customer support
  • Simplify the sale of your products and services through the e-commerce channel
  • Identifying new channels of communication and online marketing

IP Transit

IP Transit is a wholesale product for Internet Service Providers, Content Providers, Applications Providers and Operators that Provide Dedicated IP Connectivity (IPv4 and IPv6).


  • Fast an high quality connectivity for video streaming and accessing social networks and cloud computing
  • Significant cost savings compared to dedicated peering agreements, individual bandwidth commitments and backhaul transport connectivity owned or leased by the company
  • The concept of "pay-as-you-go" due to billing options based on the "95th percentile" concept
IP Transit